Low Carb Philly Cheesesteak Meal Prep

A lower carb take on the classic Philly cheesesteak! This meal prep ready version is easy to make, quick to prepare, and will leave you feeling full and satisfied!

There’s just something about the steak, cheese, and grilled pepper and onion combo that gets your mouth watering! What I love about this meal prep recipe is that you can pair it with so much! Just prepare these cheesesteak bowls then you can eat all week on top of salads, in a sandwich, or just straight up!

I split one of these preps between Simon and I one morning and topped this cheesesteak mixture on our eggs! Really the delicious possibilities are endless!

Ingredients in cheesesteak bowls:

  • Steak – I would recommend sirloin! It’s a nice lean cut that makes a load of flavor.
  • Bell Peppers – I used red and yellow for the color
  • Red onion – Love the flavor of a grilled red onion for freshness in this dish!
  • Mushrooms – I used the pre-sliced baby bella.
  • Cheese – I used Provolone here. Feel free to sub with mozzarella, swiss, or whatever other type you desire.
  • Worcestershire sauce – this really puts this dish over edge and what makes it tastes like the real deal!

How to make Philly cheesesteak bowls:

It’s really easy! All you have to do is throw everything into a skillet!

  1. Pre-slice all veggies. If you’re feeling lazy or short or time, just buy the all veggies pre-sliced at the grocery store!
  2. Throw steak in skillet. Cook. Flip, cook more.
  3. Throw in onions and peppers. Cook.
  4. Throw in mushrooms and Worcestershire sauce. Cook
  5. Then divide and top with cheese!

Using ground beef instead

Sometimes I will switch this recipe up and use ground beef instead. It is equally as yummy! I do this if I am wanting something less chewy instead. It is also helpful to use beef if you are looking to cut the fat down more since there are more lean ground beef options out there to use.

Storing and reheating

Keep these cheesesteak bowls stored in glass meal prep containers in the fridge for up to 5-7 days. Reheat by cooking in the microwave until cooked throughout. For best texture, you can also place in the oven covered with aluminum foil on 375 F for 20-30 minutes.

Meal Prep Tools

As always, if you make, tag me on Instagram (@Laurenfitfoodie) because I absolutely love seeing your yummy recreations!


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