You have to believe that you are capable

I don’t know who you are, what thoughts run through your head, or what scares you the most in this world. I don’t know what your journey has entailed or even what your favorite ice cream flavor is.

But even though I don’t know you friend, I can tell you with the upmost confidence that I am sure as hell of at least one thing. And that is that you are capable.

You are Capable.

You are capable. Yes, YOU.

You are capable of love and happiness. You are capable of accomplishing amazing and great and life changing things. You are capable of doing, being, creating whatever it is you want!

Lately I have really been thinking about the significance of these words.
TRULY I do believe that we are ALL capable.

But whether I or anyone else believes it or not, YOU have to believe that you are capable too. You. Just let that sink in.

You have to tell yourself, make yourself believe that you can do the hard work, conquer the storms, fight the struggle.

You are only limited by the beliefs in your mind.

What you tell yourself you are capable of, of what you can accomplish, will only take you that far. If you believe that you aren’t capable of something, do you really think you are capable of achieving it?

So how do we get to the point of truly believing that we are capable?

We make ourselves believe that we are capable.

Easier said than done, right? But we have to put in some work to get to this level of thinking.

We can do this by positive reinforcement, positive self talk, doing things that challenge us and allow us to grow confidence in ourselves.

You know that rush of energy you get after finally completing an assignment? Getting back after a morning of errands or finally checking everything off a long to-do list?

You feel accomplished, because you completed something. You feel energized, high on life, and capable that you can now conquer something else.

I know I feel most capable after completing a dreaded task I’ve been putting off for a while or accomplishing a goal, no matter how small (like yesterday when I finally got my goal of 12,000 steps in 😅)

What makes you feel capable?

Really think about, put it into action, and then see how truly unstoppable you can be.

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