Custom Macro Assessment

by Lauren

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If you would like a custom macro assessment that is more individualized to YOU and your specific goals, and would like to receive a personalized assessment completed by me, fill out the form below.

These macro calculations are based on a series of calculations backed by science, as well as individual variances, that help to more closely examine the individual variances in energy balance. For that reason, they are far more accurate than standard online calculators. I have been calculating macros for people for 5 years now and would love to help you determine yours to help you best reach your goals too!

While I would LOVE to help you out for free, these calculations and individual considerations to determine the best estimate for you do take a good chunk of time. Each focused assessment is $45, or $55 with the high/low or diet break/refeed day option, which if you’re not financially able to commit a coach but serious about reaching your goals, may be perfect for you!

Click here to complete the assessment!

Assessments to choose from:

product Custom Macro Assessment – normal  $ 45.00
product Custom Macro Assessment with added high/low macro days $ 55.00
product Custom Macro Assessment with diet break and/or refeed days $ 55.00
product Custom Macro Assessment: Reverse Diet plan + strategy $ 55.00

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