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Easy Churro Protein Cheesecake Bars

Creamy, chilled cheesecake meets cinnamon sugar churros in this INSANELY delicious Churro Protein Cheesecake Bar recipe. Crazy easy to make and they store GREAT in the freezer. You are gonna love them!!! Just take a second to imagine the best cinnamon sweet, doughy churros you’ve ever had. Now imagine those same churros… but with a […]


Custom Macro Assessment

Hi there! If you would like a custom macro assessment that is more individualized to YOU and your specific goals, and would like to receive a personalized assessment completed by me, fill out the form below. These macro calculations are based on a series of calculations backed by science, as well as individual variances, that […]


The Science of Fat Loss: What are “Macros” and Tracking Macros vs. Just Tracking Calories

Topic #2 I am going to keep this post as simple and concise as possible while highlighting the key points. This post is intended for all my friends out there, whoever you are, who are unfamiliar with macros and the “IIFYM/Flexible Dieting lifestyle.” While Flexible Dieting it is technically defined as a “diet,” I actually […]


Moving to DC + Starting a Blog!

Growing up, I remember being so intrigued of blogging. A blog. The idea of someone out there, just like me, who decided one today to create their own portal of expressing their interests, thoughts, knowledge, whatever else it might be. I remember envisioning what their voices sounded like as I read the words from the […]