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Less than 100 calories, Low Carb, Low Fat, Macro-friendly, Nut-Free

Small Batch Chocolate Brownies (One Bowl)

Make brownie baking a breeze with these rich and fudgy Small Batch Chocolate Brownies. All you need is one bowl, a brownie pan or dish, and an oven. Six brownies under 100 calories each—what a perfect dessert! Do you ever just want a brownie but don’t want to bake a whole tray? It’s a struggle, […]

100-200 calories, Low Fat, Macro-friendly, Vegetarian

Sugar Cookie Bars with Strawberry Frosting (Lightened Up!)

You’re going to go nuts over these Sugar Cookie Bars! Sweet, buttery, and dense, these bars pair PERFECT with creamy strawberry frosting and sprinkles. And they’re lightened up, but you’d never know because they’re still full of the good stuff! Truly a sweet treat everyone will enjoy. Another Top 5 favorite recipe from my All […]